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Mindfulness meditation

Mindfulness meditation is a way to reconnect with an awareness of the present moment. It is an effective technique to support the management of stress and for low levels of mood associated with depression, fatigue and sleeplessness. Mindfulness has been described as “Paying attention, on purpose, in the present moment, with acceptance and non-judgement by Jon Kabbat Zinn who is the pioneer of the mindfulness based stress reduction therapy. Acknowledged worldwide, these techniques are recognised to be effective and are accessible to everyone in dealing with the stresses and strains of daily life.

Mindfulness based cognitive therapy (MBCT)  is another recent development which is specifically designed to aid people who have suffered from recurrent depression or wish to learn how to reframe negative or ruminating thinking. Both MBSR and MBCT have undergone rigorous clinical trials and a large and continually growing body of research underpins the evidence base for Mindfulness as an effective intervention for people with a diverse range of conditions and needs.

Combined MBCT and MBSR Courses are currently being run over 8 weeks at Greenwich Mind .These are open to anybody wishing to sign up but require commitment to regular session attendance over  8 weeks, commitment to a daily practice and homework and ability to participate in a mixed group.

What is expected?

Weekly attendance of each session is absolutely critical for the development of the techniques. 

Active engagement with the course material, homework and daily mindfulness practice is made explicitly clear through the workbook and CD’s provided. To gain maximum benefit it is essential that as a participant you set time aside each day to take this on and is a vital component of the course. Some people find this stressful and so you need to be pretty sure you could undertake this aspect of the course.

Once you have completed the course, mindfulness drop -in sessions are available once a month to help you maintain your practice and offer support.

If you are still interested and would like to find out more phone us on 0208 853 2395 and ask to speak to someone about Mindfulness courses. We will be happy to invite you in to talk about the course in more detail or to attend a taster session.


We have recently and successfully delivered another two mindfulness courses, one  at Greenwich Mind and one at The Clockhouse Woolwich.

We are planning another series of courses to start in the coming Autumn with the next one confirmed for October 9th start date, from 7-9pm  and held at Greenwich Mind Day Centre in Ormiston Road. Get in touch ASAP if interested.We also have a taster session booked for saturday 20th September from 10-12pm.

We also have a course starting in Waterways Childrens Centre in January 2015.Contact us for more information regarding this.

The  Drop In sessions for those who have completed the course will also be continuing on a monthly basis throughout the summer. Phone 0208 853 2395 for a list of dates.

If you are interested in applying for a place do give us a ring on the number above or call us here at Feel Good Greenwich on 07557230560.There is a waiting list and we will be happy to add you to this.